Database Development

During the Audit & Payment or Post Audit process, Raytrans builds an extraordinary, comprehensive and versatile database that can be custom-designed to your specifications. This will allow us to create reports for you to show you shipping trends, pin point trouble spots, as well as determine freight costs. Your custom reports can be designed to have any and all the information you want. This in-depth tool give you access to all your shipping practices, which invariably leads to determinations of where cost savings can be found.

Raytrans can also store and manage all your documents related to your transportation for a specific period of time, including freight bills, bills of ladings, delivery receipts, carrier contracts, tariffs, and rate sheets. The record management system is designed for quick retrieval, so we can have it sent to you at a moments notice. This off-site storage will free up not only your own space but also the personnel required to catalogue and retrieve it. If desired, Raytrans can also electronically scan any of these documents.

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