Freight Bill Audit & Payment

Raytrans is capable of auditing and paying any freight bill regardless of the origin or destination, whether its land, ocean, or air. This process is designed to protect our clients from overpaying any freight bill. Raytrans will use your current rates, tariffs, and contracts that you already have set up with your carrier, we then validate the information on the freight bills against many other types of shipment documents such as the bills of lading, purchase orders, or even data files sent to us directly from our customer. The volume of information we capture allows us to virtually eliminate duplicate entries and data entry errors. In fact, our system is so streamlined that our clients receive the benefit of a 99.9% accuracy rating. The results of this service alone are huge; in most cases the savings that occur during the audit and pay process outweigh the cost of the service itself.

Our clients and their carrier partners are also able to retrieve freight bill payment status as well as upload any missing or required documents directly from our website.

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